How to Keep Cultural Institutions Relevant

We're big fans of the bright minds over at Wolff Olins and their innovative approach to online learning.  One of our guiding goals as we build our client's retail brand is how it can further communicate the relevance of their mission and institution. In this online learning course, Wolff Olins teams up with AMA (Arts Marketing Association) and Arts Council England to develop three modules centered on how to keep our cultural institutions responsive and resilient in an ever changing market. The first installment is centered around how to define a guiding purpose for your organization that inspires and retains the commitment of funders, employees, volunteers and audience . The second,  is how to build a business model and strategy that brings in a new and sustainable revenue stream. And, the third is how to empower the leadership of these institutions to remain agile and effective. 

These are conversations we have all the time with our clients. So what is the role of a retail platform in this dialogue?  How can a mission-driven retail identity build revenue and act as a valuable brand asset?