Space Inspiration: Roberto Baciocchi

Yes of course, you can teach a method…you can’t teach emotions
— roberto baciocchi
Photography: Simon Watson

Photography: Simon Watson

Photography : Simon Watson

Photography : Simon Watson

Far away from the luxury Prada and Miu Miu stores he designed all around the world, architect Roberto Baciocchi lives in an ancient house acquired in 80’s, located in Arezzo, Italy.

Most walls and ceilings dating from 18th century have been preserved, sometimes with traditional process dating back to antiquity. No precise moda operandi or predefined style, only sentimental pieces stored by Baciocchi for thirty years like chests and chairs from Gio Ponti, iconic Terje Ekström’s blue armchair, 1980 French rugs and vintage velvet covered sofas.

Behind secret doors, an eclectic and colorful selection in line with his culture to pay homage to this historical building soul.

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All photography by Simon Watson


“you have to enter in harmony with the original message that the building or structure wanted to communicate”

sophie sagar