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A lot of people have a great eye, think of how many great stores have crashed and burned. But Franci is able to figure out what her customer is going to value.
— Holly Hotchner, creative strategist + previous director at MUSEUM OF ARTS AND DESIGN

When MAD made the shift from its previous identity as the American Crafts Museum to its new home at 2 Columbus Circle, the museum set their sights on a holistic rebranding initiative. Together with JGA Architects and Pentagram, Lakeside Collaborative developed a new Concept, Image and Product language for the Store at MAD.  

We paid close attention to the design philosophy at MAD and its roots in the handmade with an eye towards futurism and design.  In keeping with the mission of the Museum, we sourced and showcased product that preserves the essence of "hand made"  in a modern architectural context.  

Today, Lakeside's founder, Franci Sagar resides as the Director of Retail and Branding at the store at MAD.  Under her leadership and creative direction, it has become a premiere shopping destination for New Yorkers and visitors alike. With its cohesive presentation of well-executed craft and design objects, Lakeside crafted a stand-alone retail brand identity that celebrates the museum's mission.