We are constantly looking for new challenges to solve. Our consistent, proven methodology provides a framework for success that is flexible enough to be adapted to the unique needs of each client. 


Lakeside's services range from preparing a business plan committed to generating significant revenues to curating a mission-driven product assortment and designing a visual language that feels wholly innovative and completely responsive to our client's brand and its visitor profile. 

  • Strategic Planning

    Our approach to retail strategic planning and consulting is practical yet insightful. We help our clients design strategic roadmaps and implement those strategies for a new age of retail. Together we articulate your mission and your metrics for success, identifying the long and short-term goals to maximize quantitative and qualitative results. Services include: Retail Store Evaluations, Brand Strategy and Positioning, Concept Development, Retail Store Planning and Design Creating Store Mission Statements, Business Plan Preparation Strategic and Revenue Planning, Operations and Procedure Planning, Developing New Revenue Streams

  • Brand Identity and Creative Direction

    Each consumer touchpoint should reveal a retail identity that consumers find engaging and memorable. We collaborate with our clients and an incredible network of graphic designers to translate our clients' mission into a dynamic retail brand identity that can be communicated across channels through printed materials, branded packaging, signage, digital media and product development.

  • Product Sourcing and Development

    Lakeside believes great product is the beating heart of an impactful retail experience. Bolstered by a beautifully designed store, a thoughtfully curated merchandise assortment extends the narrative, opens the dialogue and ends up being what customers take home with them. We search high and low for the right product that perfectly captures the spirit of its parent instution. Services include: Merchandise Assortment Planning, Product Sourcing and Category Growth, Branded Merchandise Programs

  • Store Design and Visual Merchandising

    An elegant and compelling store design provides the framework for everything. From the staff experience to the customer experience, we make sure that our stores take into account each step of the retail process.

  • Digital Marketing and Brand Activation

    Building on a clearly defined yet responsive digital strategy, we work closely with our clients to craft a distinctive imprint that adapts for all online and offline conversations. We seek to unify the physical and online experience while celebrating the unique value created by the strengths and differentiator of each platform. creating a seamlessly integrated web identity, e-commerce strategy, and social media voice.


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