On Achievement versus Fullfillment : 90 Second Rule

Mirrored Ziggurat by  Shirin Abedinirad   

Mirrored Ziggurat by Shirin Abedinirad 

It's a new year, a new opportunity to reframe the way we pursue creative ventures and they way run our businesses. Perhaps most importantly, it is a reflective moment in which we can choose to renew our vows to ourselves and to the kind of life we hope to lead.

On this snowy Sunday afternoon, we sat down to listen to a Pod Cast recommended to us by one of our daily sources of inspiration, Hey OK Real. The Podcast is a conversation between Tim Ferriss and world-esteemed motivational speaker Tony Robbins. Together the two parse out the disproportionate amount of energy our society funnels into the science of Achievement and the repercussions  of neglecting the art of Fulfillment. Kickstart the new year experience here

  • The worst advice Tony hears most often. [34:30]
  • “Life is always happening for us, not to us…” [41:20]
  • Tony talks about the art (not science) of fulfillment. [44:57]
  • Tony tells us the biggest lie on the planet. [49:33]
  • Suffering comes from these three thought patterns. [51:26]
  • Tony explains the 90-second rule. [55:35]
  • What’s the most important decision you can make? [58:56]
  • Why self-preservation isn’t selfish. [59:48]
  • Tony demonstrates the 90-second rule process. [1:07:17]
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